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Anth concert Sept the 8th 2017

11 June 2017 - 03:12 AM

Anth releasing a new cd Number 1 hits
and will be doing a concert here in Melb
on the 8th of Sept& the new cd is out
The 1st of Sept
It's going to be an Amazing concert
and it's being taped live
l can't wait

Anth #backbone tour 2016

05 September 2016 - 04:36 PM

What can l say about Friday and Saturday night Just totally Amazing
Oh my god still on a big high
Anth is so made to rock that stage
His got the voice, moves and just Outstanding on stage
Well Fri was thinking hope l make it to the gig as my flight was delayed then cancel my flight was 10:10 then l ended up being put on the 2:15 flight l was kinda getting mad as didn't want to miss the gig and told them l got a gig to go to
But l made it to the Cold Coast
got to meet Robyn finally we hit it off right away we got ready for the concert we were getting so excited nothing like seeing your Fav singer live he gives you goosebumps all over anyway was sitting next to Cherie and Benjamin
it was time for Anth to hit the stage when he walked out l was like my god just Amazing and how beautiful he is just gorgeous well here the set list he did thanks to Lina for posting it up
1 Fantasy
2 Love in the first degree
3 King of wishfull thinking
4.Heartbeat from older album
5.Dance with my father older album
6.Un pretty
7.Higher love
8.Dont tell me older album
10 Rain older album
11 Backbone new original
12 Hold on
13 The prayer he always sings this
14 Father figure older album
15 I wanna dance with somebody/How will i know... yay my favourite
16 Man in the mirror
17 Horses
18 Too funky older album

My fav was Man In The Mirror just awesome l had tears in my eyes but all the songs were good also loved hearing BackBone live another great job Anth
Anyway the night was ending so sad that it was about that time to say bye Anth was meeting and signing his new album I got to say hi and get a photo with him then we got back to our rooms and stayed up to 3:30-4 talking about the night seeing our fav singer
Sat night got my flight to Sydney then got ready for that night gig all l was thinking was my god l get to do it all again
l loved the 2nd concert more l ended up taking 6 videos and 409+ photos l think but just loved it as l said before Anth is so Amazing live and will be a fan for life
Will always love you Anth and will support you in everything you do and thank you for getting me through these hard times
can always go into my room and listen to your outstanding music
Love Jo

Anth new cd Backbone

01 September 2016 - 01:08 AM

Can not wait for Friday.... I will finally be able to share the album cover and track listing with you all for my new album #BACKBONE
Also, we kick off the concerts that night at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast! Exciting weekend ahead.... Mounties at Mount Pritchard, I will see you this Saturday night! For shows and tickets, head to www.anthonycallea.com ✌🏼️🎶

Anth and Tim on Family Feud

08 August 2016 - 11:53 PM

Anth and Tim will be on Family Feud this Sunday night at 7:30 this weekend

I'm team #teamcallea all the way

What songs you want Anth to sing on the tour from his past CDs

13 June 2016 - 02:47 AM

Ok getting very excited for the up coming tour so happy lm going
Ok what Fav songs do you want Anth to sing

Mine is
Take It To The Heart ( all time Fav song)

1st cd
When l get There
Into Your Heart

2nd cd A New Chapter
Addicted To You ( l swear when l 1st heard it that so me )
If Only
Oh my god you got to sing Stranded
You Saved Me Tonight
Now You're Gone ( that song gets me Everytime )

Last to Go cd

Last Night
I don't care what you say

Thirty cd

Go The Distance
Leave Right Now
My All ( of course)
When You Believe

And just really want to hear all your songs