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Topics, Posts And Polls

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Posted 28 June 2010 - 06:11 AM


How do I post a topic?
A very simple task indeed. Simply select the corresponding forum you wish to post your topic in, and then click the 'New Topic' button:

user posted image

'From there, simply enter a 'Topic Title', a 'Topic Description' and of course a message!
Once you have typed your message you can either preview your topic by hitting the 'Preview Post' button, this will allow you to check your message and make any required ammendments, or you can post your new topic by hitting the 'Post New Topic' button. Simple as that!

How do I reply to a topic?
Simply hit the 'Add Reply' button (pictured below) found at the bottom of a topic and type your message. Follow the steps in the How do I post a topic? to submit your post.

user posted image

If you wish to quickly reply to a topic without being redirected to another page, simply click the 'Fast Reply' button (shown below). This will open up the 'Fast Reply' section at the bottom of the topic. Simply type your message and hit 'Add Reply'.

user posted image

Note: The fast reply function does not offer guidence with TAG posting.

To reply to reply to specific post, it is best to 'Quote' the post. This makes it more understandable and easier for other members to follow.
For more information on quoting a post see: How do I quote someone else?

How do I create a poll?
In the appropriate forum, click the 'New Poll' button (shown below). This will open a page similar to the standard new topic page, however a few more field are available for you to create your poll.

user posted image

If you have previously created a topic and wish to add a poll to it, you can do this by clicking the 'Add Poll' button.

Note: The add poll function is only available for topics created by yourself.

How do I add images to my posts?
To add an image you need to use the IMG tag. The image you want to use in your post must be uploaded to the web, an image cannot be added direct from your computer. To add an image you must include a URL (link) to the required image within the IMG tag. For example:

[ IMG ]http://www.mysite.com/image.gif[ /IMG ]

This would show up as an image when the post is submitted or previewed.

You can also achieve this by using the IMG button. This will create the IMG tag for you, all you have to do is insert the URL.

Please note: Images of an offensive or inappropriate nature will be removed immediately and the Administrator will be notified of the users activity. Images which exceed 700 pixels in width will be removed as this causes horizontal scrolling for some users. Also images which are unecessarily large in file size will be removed as this causes large loading times, especially for users on dial-up connections.

How do I change the colour/size of my post text?
This is achieved by using the [SIZE] and [COLOR] tags. Please note that the spelling of colour is in American!
You can quickly and easily change these attributes using the drop down menus available to you when posting. Alternatively, you can type out the tags. Here are a few examples:

Any text here will be blue
Any text here will be size 6
Any text here will be blue and size 6

How do I post a URL (link) or email address?
This can be achieved in several possible ways. You can simply type a full address, for example, http://www.anthonycallea.com and this will be automatically converted to a link once posted. However is you wish to make a link which displays alternative text to the URL, you can either use the URL button in the 'Code Button' section of the posting page or manually type the following tag:

[ URL=http://forums.anthonycallea.com ]The Official Anthony Callea Forum[ /URL ]
would appear as:
The Official Anthony Callea Forum

To post an email address simply use the '@' button in the 'Code Button' section of the posting page.

How do I quote another post?
There are 2 ways of doing this...
If you wish to quote just one message then locate the post and hit the 'Reply' button (shown below) found below the post.
This will open the posting page with the quote automatically inserted in the message section. All you have to do is type your message below.

If you wish to reply to multiple topics, then you can use the 'Quote' buttons (shown below) located below the specific posts you wish to quote.

By clicking the 'Quote' button, you enable or disable the quoting of that topic in your reply. Once you have selected all the topics you wish to reply to, then you simply hit the 'Post Reply' button (shown below). This will direct you to the posting page which will have all the topics you selected quoted in the message section.

user posted image

Note: This feature does not work with 'Fast reply'.

If you wish to simply quote something as part of a reference, some lyrics for example, you can use the QUOTE tag as shown below:

A new beginning , A new chapter of my life.

Can I edit my posts?
You can indeed! To edit your post, simply find the relevant post and click the 'Edit' button.

Note: This feature is only available on topics/posts which were created by you. This feature is also recorded to ensure it is not abused.

What are smilies and how do I use them?
Smilies (aka Emoticon) are a small images of faces with different expressions. These help greatly in the communication to other members and 'spice up' your posts.
You can use an smiley by either clicking on the image you would like to include when making a post, or using the smiley code which can be found here, or by clicking the 'More' link in the emoticon section of the post screen.

How do I use the topic options?
Topic options are available on every topic in the forum. To gain access to them, click the 'Options' button found at the base of a topic.

Once this button is clicked, the options section will open at the bottom of the topic. These options include:
* Track this topic - Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.
* Subscribe to this forum - Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board.
* Download / Print this topic - Download this topic in different formats or view a printer friendly version.

If you choose to track a topic or subscribe the the forum, then you edit your subscription settings in 'My Controls'.

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