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thanks anna

02 October 2010 - 06:22 PM

Thank you Anna for finding link to my original post about about guy and anthony
Our anthony is still the bees knees for me

Guy Sebastian in LA

30 September 2010 - 06:42 PM

Listening to-day on an interview with Guy Sebastin in LA and he was asked about
Anthony. The word is what a great voice he has. Obviously the support acts
you had have given you a leg in the the states. The comments were rather good!!

old but new again

06 September 2010 - 12:53 PM

Well after many years I have actually lost count now I have finally become a forum member.
A great Anthony fan and with new appearing artists he is still the best of all. I am waiting for
that album but love just listening to that wonderful voice. My Mum was a big fan but she
has now passed away. She was 96
in closing Hi to all I have been reading your posts for many years now