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Acof Baton Relay!-IN MELBOURNE

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 01:12 PM

post Mar 9 2006, 08:10 PM

Ok the baton is now in Narre Warren South, an outer south eastern suburb of Melbourne, where i live.

My estate has only been building up over the past 5 years. A friend and i bought our block of land when there were only two other slabs in our street. i remember worrying about being being so secluded and alone with nothing around but in literally 12-13 weeks our house was built and so were about 10 others.

Over time, streets were added, schools appeared, shops were built and swimming pools were everywhere. It has been quite amazing watching it grow and develop into the place that it is.

This is the entrance to our estate, it is a very large park that holds a creche and a playground as well as a rotunda and stone pillar thingies tongue.gif

user posted image


user posted image (yes taken on my phone from my car laugh.gif wink.gif )

It is called Kings Park and the name fits it well.

Up the road is a place called Berwick which is like a gorgeous little town in itself. This holds the Wilson Botanic Gardens as well as a Hotel, and gorgeous little cafes, restaurants and shops

user posted image

On Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings i go to Casey Arc (Aquatic & Recreation Centre) where i almost die doing Body Pump. It is relatively new but big and beautiful and holds Pools, spas, saunas and steam rooms, as well as other group fitness classes

user posted image

this is the room i do Pump

user posted image

This is the interior where the pools are enjoyed. i really want to try the Wave pool - but i will do that when Pump works better for me tongue.gif wink.gif

The closest shopping centre is Fountain Gate which the above aquatic centre is a part of. Next to the shops and this centre is a nice relaxing pond where the ducks hang out user posted image

My name is Kara, my username kazamigorical. i am 34 years old and work in Admin/Accounts/ Payroll fulltime. i do not have any children and am not married, but i do have a beautiful baby girl and here she is~

user posted image

her name is millie and she was born the same day we moved into our house.

My favourite tv show is Supernatural user posted image

and of course my fave singer is Anthony ~ where i have his pictures on my wall laugh.gif user posted image

I thought i would show you two of the very many. i am not ashamed of my obsession (for want of a better word) and i have everything that he has signed on display for all to see tongue.gif Why not i say? It is a part of who i am and i am proud of it laugh.gif

Here i go, passing it on to the next person.....

thanks for sharing in my suburb

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 01:13 PM

post Mar 10 2006, 09:22 AM

i know mines a little late but anyway here it is

i live in an estate called Rolling Meadows , its a fairly new estate , we brought the block of land 2 years ago before there were any roads !! now its grown and i still have no neighbours laugh.gif

user posted image - as soon as you enter the estate

user posted image - a bike track that just about goes all around the estate ! tongue.gif

user posted image -

user posted image - view from the end of my street

i know its not much coz theres not much here atm !! laugh.gif
Hope you all enjoyed it

Kimmy xx tongue.gif tongue.gif

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 01:14 PM

post Mar 11 2006, 01:22 PM

you guys have heard HEAPS about the city of Melbourne so far, so i figured id just take you all through my town...the little town of Templestowe tongue.gif

Formed in 1994 in a radical reform of Victorian local government boundaries, the City of Manningham strikes an unusual balance between city and country. Although the municipality is only 12km from the Melbourne CBD (ONLY! feels like it takes forever! biggrin.gif ) , a green belt flanking the Yarra River underpins the city�s open space and parkland. The significant green areas include Mullum Mullum Creek Linear Park and the bordering Currawong Bush Park, Ruffley Lake Park (the Municipal Gardens), Stiggants Reserve, Tindals Wildflower Reserve and Westerfolds Park. Following the broad sweep of the Templestowe reach of the Yarra, a manor house overlooking ancient river red gums gives Westerfolds its gracious, rural character. It is at its most handsome in its ensemble of wattle blooms in spring when the park invites visitors to step on to the observation deck to watch the river bubble over rapids, take a canoe ride, absorb the sights from horseback or meet the native creatures of the night on a the ranger-led nocturnal walk. (ie LOTS and LOTS of grass and plants...great considering i have severe alergies to both HAHAAHHAHA tongue.gif )

a map tongue.gif
user posted image

i thought id go personal here, heres pics of my street and my house wink.gif

my street from out the window upstairs
user posted image

mah house
user posted image

my dog, her name is Ritzy (shes 14yrs old) tongue.gif
user posted image

i love living in melbourne, and i love my suburb, its really pretty and all the people are so friendly!!


user posted image


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Posted 17 June 2010 - 01:16 PM

post Mar 11 2006, 07:26 PM

well i love living in melbourne i live in rowville.

its the best here ive grown up here all my life and theres no way im gunna leave

Rowville is a recent residential suburb 26 km. south-east of Melbourne. It is centered approximately on the intersection of Wellington and Stud Roads, where an electricity terminal station and the Stamford Hotel were built in the 1950/60s, in the midst of a rural landscape but heralding subsequent urbanisation.

Originally part of Narre Warren and later Lysterfield, Rowville was settled first in 1838. The undulating, lightly timbered land was good for grazing. No provision was made for a town or for a settlement, and a post office was not opened until 1902. A school was opened in . . . .

The name Rowville was given after the Row family which owned the Stamford Park property.

In 1938 part of the former Dandenong Police Paddock was set aside as a national park. In 1944 it was named Churchill National Park after the British wartime leader. The national park is partly in Rowville and partly in Endeavour Hills to the south. An earlier park created by the Fern Tree Gully shire is Heaney Park, named after the shire engineer. It contains a swimming lake and facilities for guides and scouts, and had originally been a water storage basin.

In 1942 a military training camp was placed on the site which later became the electricity terminal station. It accommodated tactical response Australian troops, American troops destined for war in the islands north of Australia, and finally prisoners of war.

Rowville's undulating landscape attracted housing and two golf links in the period from 1970. The Stud Park shopping area is a semi-regional centre, and the advancing new housing with a preponderance of young families has resulted in Rowville having three primary and two secondary schools. Rowville also has a community centre with a library, several child care and medical centres, and five tennis centres in a 3 kilometer radius.

The annual Stringybark Festival produced by the Knox City Council is held at the Rowville Community Centre in October. This festival is an opportuanity for the wider community to display arts, crafts and folk culture.

Rowville's census populations have been 109 (1933) and 190 (1954).

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Posted 05 September 2010 - 02:35 PM

Thanks for that tour of cultural events in Australia. Often wondered when there would be a thread like this? Seems several ACOFians from other parts of the world have posted their pictures of their country, but I think that this is a first here for showing us parts of your country, often not found in the usual tourist literature.

Who ever came up with this concept ought to continue it, as well as others from where they live in Australia. :)

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Posted 11 September 2010 - 11:39 AM

Thanks Admins for posting.


Anthony Callea Is Totally Awesome !

Anthony Callea Is Totally Rock !

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