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Posted 28 June 2010 - 06:07 AM

Where do I post my topics?
Forum Content

Welcome to ACOF All information for the forum and new member introductions

Anthony Callea General conversation on Anthony divided in relevant sections in this forum

General This forum is for all messages that are of a general nature including graphics, music, tv and movies

Please do not post the same topic/post in more than one of the forums.
If you post in the wrong topic, your post will be moved by a moderator to the appropriate forum. Please ensure you post your topic in the correct forum, don't rely on moderators to do it for you. Repeated posting in the incorrect forum may result in a member having all their posts moderated before being available for public viewing.

What do the folder icons mean?
The folder icons represent the viewing status of each topic in the forum based upon the user who is viewing them.
A key can be found at the bottom of a forum page when viewing the forums.

What's a hot topic?
When a topic reaches 19 replies (a full standard page) it becomes a hot topic. It is simply a label for a topic which is popular.

What are those squares under my username?
The square is known as a 'pip'. The number of pips indicates how many posts the user has made. The pips are accompanied by a 'status', detailed below:

9 pips = Platinum Star member 8000 posts
8 pips = Multi Platinum member 6000 posts
7 pips = Double Platinum member 4000 posts
6 pips = platinum member 2000 posts
5 pips = gold member 1200 posts
4 pips = silver member 800 posts
3 pips = advanced member 350 posts
2 pips = member 50 posts
1 pip = newbie 1 post

Which members are online?
You can find out which members are online and viewing the forums by going to the homepage of the forums and scrolling down to the 'Board Statistics' section. Here you will find a list of names, these are the members viewing the forum.
You can find more detailed statistics by clicking the 'Last Click' or 'Member Name' links at the bottom of the 'Board Statistics' section.

What's the direct link to the forums?
The direct link to these forums is: http://forums.anthonycallea.com

Does Anthony visit the forum?
Yes! Anthony does visit the forum occasionally to update his fans and also takes time to read some of your topics and participate in discussion.
No specific dates or times are set for when Anthony visits the forum, it's simply when he finds the time. Official posts by Anthony will be pinned so you can find them easily.

What do these abbreviations mean?
These abbreviations are used widely on the internet now, mainly on instant messaging programs but also on forums. Here is a guide to the most frequently used abbreviations:
lol Laughing out loud
lmao Laughing my ass off
rofl or rotfl Rolling on (the) floor laughing
rotflmao Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
imo In my opinion
tbh To be honest
omg Oh my god!

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