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Politeness And Behaviour

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Posted 28 June 2010 - 06:12 AM



1. Please refrain from writing in BLOCK CAPITALS. On the internet this is recognised as shouting. If you write an entire post in block capitals it is considered rude.

2. If ever you copy information from another source, such as another post, or a website, you must reference the source. This is done in the format below:
"This is where the quote would be."
As taken from website www.anthonycallea.com written by Joe Bloggs (20th December 2004).

3. Spamming (in a message board) is a term used to describe multiple posting for the purpose of increasing your post rating. It usually involves writing pointless one word posts or bumper posts such as "Bump". Spamming is highly frowned upon on forums.

4. Try to write interesting posts which will start a positive discussion on the forums and encourage members to contribute.

5. Remember that many people are on dial-up 56k modems. Do not post massively intensive graphics in your posts as this will affect the download speed of the topic. If you post a picture as part of a post, make sure it is related to the topic and the other members are aware that the topic may contain large posts. If you need to post a large image, instead post a link to the large image. This will allow the topic to load quicker, and only those who wish to view the image will click the link.

6. "Flaming" is a term used to describe an offensive topic or post. These are usually spawned from people posting controversial statements or saying something which causes annoyance to another member. Please respect other members and do not 'flame' on this forum.

7. Please respect new members who may not be accustomed to the forums. Many new members post messages which are commonly asked and which longer standing members may see very often. Please do not 'flame' the new member, just point them in the right direction.

8. Refrain from posting illegal, pornagraphic or offensive material.

9. Don't swear. In multi-age forums (such as this one), it is considered very disrespectful to swear.

10. Be forgiving of other peoples mistakes. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, providing it doesn't break the rules, in which case tactfully educate them.
Correcting grammar or spelling mistakes is not necessary. If you feel absolutely compelled to correct someone's spelling or grammar, do so privately. Keep in mind that English is not the first language of many people on the Internet.

12. Be wary of everyone online! The person you are talking to may not be who they say they are. Refrain from giving out personal information, especially contact details.

13. Have fun and stay safe!


Forum spam is defined in the following ways:

1. To cause a forum to be flooded with irrelevant or inappropriate messages.

2. To post many identical or nearly-identical messages in more than one forum inappropriately. Posting the same message in DG related and General is a good example.

How to act toward offensive, inappropriate or spam posts

Even though it may be very tempting to reply to these topic, this is just what the poster wants. It is strongly advised to ignore the topic. The more the topic is ignored, the more the bored the poster will get and eventually leave if he/she is not getting recognition or attention.
Immediately report the post/topic to a moderator via email or through the 'Report Post' button.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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