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Anthony Callea 2005 National Tour

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:03 PM

- Thank you to all members who contributed information, links, reviews and photos -

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May 25 2005, 02:32 AM

Anthony Callea announces Australian National Tour!
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Posted Tuesday, May 24 2005 Written by AAA

Australian Idol runner-up, Anthony Callea is set to embark on an extensive tour of Australia throughout July and August reaching from far north Queensland down south to Hobart and taking in Adelaide and many regional centres along the way.

Anthony Callea's recent shows in Sydney and Melbourne sold out in a matter of days, with many disappointed fans missing out on tickets. This time however, Anthony has extended his tour.

Anthony's third single "Hurts So Bad" hits radio this week and instores on June 19.

Supporting Anthony on tour is special guest Tina Cousins direct from the UK, currently enjoying radio airplay with her new release "Wonderful Life".

Tickets for Anthony Callea's national tour go on sale from Tuesday June 7 via the usual outlets. The tour is presented by Video Hits and Network 10.

Dates are:
12.07.05 Bundaberg QLD Moncrieff Theatre
13.07.05 Mackay QLD Mackay Entertainment Centre
15.07.05 Cairns QLD Brothers Leagues Club
16.07.05 Townsville QLD Jupiters Townsville Casino
17.07.05 Charters Towers QLD World Theatre
19.07.05 Caloundra QLD Caloundra Cultural Centre
20.07.05 Ipswich QLD Ipswich Civic Hall
22.07.05 Gold Coast QLD Seagulls Rugby League Football Club
23.07.05 Gold Coast QLD Seagulls Rugby League Football Club
24.07.05 Brisbane QLD Riverside Stage
26.07.05 Lismore NSW Lismore Workers Club
27.07.05 West Tamworth NSW West Tamworth RSL Club
29.07.05 Newcastle NSW Panthers
30.07.05 Sydney NSW State Theatre
31.07.05 Shellharbour NSW Shellharbour Workers Club
02.08.05 Campbelltown NSW Campbelltown Catholic Club
03.08.05 Canberra ACT Hellenic Club
05.08.05 Adelaide SA Thebarton Theatre
06.08.05 Melbourne VIC Palais Theatre
13.08.05 Hobart TAS Derwent Entertainment Centre

An Idol's Prayers Answered
July 11, 2005
The Sun-Herald

Anthony Callea will be performing tracks from his album and a few surprise numbers.

Anthony Callea will be performing tracks from his album and a few surprise numbers.

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Photo: Lee Besford

Anthony Callea mixes it up for his new roadshow, writes Christine Sams.

If you're in a supermarket in Far North Queensland and there's a little bloke there who looks "kinda like that singer from Australian Idol", it's most likely going to be him.

Anthony Callea - the pint-sized pop dynamo - is about to hit the road, with an extensive Australian tour taking in far-flung regional Queensland towns through to country NSW and major venues in Sydney and Melbourne.

Despite Callea's pop stylings, which helped him to the runner-up position on last year's Idol series, this will be a road trip that would make any grungy rock band proud.

The singer declares gleefully he will be travelling down segments of the east coast in a humble sedan, accompanied by his manager, Wendy Richards, and supporting guest Tina Cousins, while the five-member backing band will be travelling in a Tarago. "But I'll be in the Holden, mate, ooomph, ooomph, oomph," says Callea, laughing uproariously, mimicking the sound of a pumping car stereo. "For me, getting out on tour, well it's the best feeling. You can only spend so much time in a studio before you go insane."

Callea's pop roadshow is set to include all the tracks from his self-titled album - plus a few cover versions of songs he performed on Australian Idol. The singer says he's also trying to weave in a few unexpected numbers, including jazz standards.

But despite tour funding from music giant Sony BMG, fans should not expect a razzle-dazzle display of new outfits and back-up dancers on stage.

"I don't have any costume changes," says Callea, looking startled at the suggestion that he might. "I don't see that as a really important thing to do. Growing up I used to go and watch John Farnham and Tina Arena and stuff like that and I loved it because they were great vocal concerts. They didn't need the fancy lighting and the fancy reverbs on their voices and all the recorded stuff to make them sound good. That's what I want to concentrate on."

So no choreography? No dazzling dance moves? "I bust a few little grooves here and there, but it's very spontaneous," he says, laughing raucously again.

It's intriguing to see Callea so relaxed and naturally excited about his impending tour. Amid the hype and PR spin surrounding his appearance on Australian Idol - and the extraordinary sales success of his first single, The Prayer - he always seemed a little glazed over (and, dare I say it, a touch fake) during interviews. But many months later Callea seems comfortable, chatty and even a little cheeky.

Listening to him talk excitedly about his shows and his preparations for the road trip, it finally clicks into place why fans have warmed to his personality as much as his powerful vocal skills. After performing 10 preliminary full-length shows in Sydney and Melbourne as preparation for the official national tour, which kicks off this week in Bundaberg, Callea seems thrilled about having performed on stage.

The 22-year-old has been singing in front of large crowds since he was a kid, but this time, Callea says, there's a difference.

"Throughout all of my childhood, every weekend, I'd be performing somewhere, whether at a shopping centre or a festival. But it's completely different now because no one knew me back then," he says, with a sheepish laugh. "So when you step out on stage now everyone just looks . . . and listens.

"I was used to my little crappy Crown [Casino] gigs where everybody was drunk and didn't give a crap what you sounded like. So now if you make a mistake, everyone knows."

But apart from fans simply concentrating on his songs, Callea acknowledges there will be an element of screaming teenage girls at his performances. For the record, he's getting used it.

"You get to talk to them, you get to muck around with them," he says, with a smile. "Sometimes you'll be trying to sing a serious song and you've got this girl in the crowd going, 'I want to have your babies'. You just turn around in the song and say, 'shut up, I'm trying to be serious'."

But Callea says mothers trying to set him up with their daughters create the biggest ruckus in his life.

"The mothers are quite funny," he says. "I get stopped on the street and they say, 'oh my god, my daughter's 16 and she's got her debutante ball coming up on the weekend, here's her number, give her a call'.

"I'm just standing there like, 'um, I'll get back to you'," he says, with a smile and a shrug.

Beyond his Australian tour, which runs until mid-August, Callea will begin writing for his second album. But in the meantime, the singer has no shortage of fans wanting to see him perform live.

Anthony Callea performs at the State Theatre in Sydney on July 30 (limited tickets on sale via Ticketek, phone 132 849) with three extra all-ages shows scheduled for other Sydney venues including the Marconi Social Club and Penrith RSL in mid-August. See http://www.anthonycallea.com for details.

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:06 PM

July 12th 2005: Bundaburg Moncrieff Theatre, QLD

user posted image

Jul 13 2005, 10:15 AM

found this article while looking for Bundaberg concert reviews....


Callea Grows on Higher Ground

ANTHONY Callea says he has become accustomed to comments about his height and he showed no sign of a short fuse yesterday when he was pressed on the topic in Bundaberg.

?I think the media get more worked up by it than I do,? Callea answered with a trademark smile.

?I?ve been the same height since I was 16 so I?m used to it now.?

The Australian Idol runner-up arrived at Bundaberg Airport yesterday to prepare for the opening show of his Queensland tour tonight.

He was even greeted by a group of fans waiting for him at the airport, but there was not a screaming teenage girl in sight.

?There were a few people out there, mainly women in their 30s grabbing a few autographs and photos,? he said.
Callea?s self confessed ?number one fan?, Ada Jones grabbed an autograph of the former Australian Idol star outside the theatre yesterday.

Ms Jones said she thought Callea was ?hot?, despite constant comments about his height. ?I like him the way he is - I don?t care about his shortness,?, Ms Jones said.

The Australian Idol runner-up will perform at the Moncrieff Theatre from 8pm with British pop star Tina Cousins.

post Jul 17 2005, 08:26 PM







(please dont copy or take these photos without my permission)


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user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

OMG I forgot to mention something.. This is so embarassing but its funny..

I was sitting outside the theatre with my sister about hour and a half before the concert and there was like this promotion guy putting up a stand of anthony cd's and tina cousins cd's.

Anyway suddenly the theatre door swung open and a guy and a lady came out and walked to the promotion guy and started introducing themselves.. The guy goes "hi i'm anthony" and the lady goes "Hi I'm tina cousins"

Because the guy was like really tall and didnt look anything like anthony I tottaly thought that they where both joking with the promotion guy. So i yelled out pretty loud "NO YOUR NOT" and i expected them to laugh, cause i though they where just joking, it turned out it really was Tina Cousins and her manager who just happened to be called Anthony.. they just gave me a really weird look and walked off. It was soo embarassing.

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:07 PM

Jul 13 2005, 05:44 PM

Hi Guys

I went to the Bundaberg concert. And yes about three quarters were older fans, and the youngies were invited by Anthony twice to come up near the stage and dance. He was touching their hands and actually spoke to a few, and even remembered them from either the radio or the airport. He was so genuinely nice.

He was great!!!

I dont know if I am supposed to say this, but I didnt really go for Tina Cousins. Could be because I was waiting for the main man. But she sounded as though her voice was on the backing tape. A bit to karaoke for my taste.

Anthony started the concert singing off stage - "Love isnt always on time". I truly mean this - when he came on stage, he just about electrified it. He has such a magnificient stage presence.

Anyway, he sang ALL the songs off his Album. He also sang Walking Away, Car Wash, Route 66, both B songs off Rain single. Rain he sang as the encore at the end.

He wore his purple velvet jacket, and a purple shirt with diamonte appliques on it. He had on his pointy shoes He had a beautiful neck chain on, and belt and great rings on his fingers. He had great stage presence, moves really well and can hold a concert simply with his voice. He doesnt need costume changes

Anyway, he was just wonderful. I am trying to go to another concert now.

Just wanted to add that I took so long in posting because I live 400 ks away from Bundaberg and had to drive home today.
The venue was very close to full, just a few rows right at the back that were empty and ALL the seats before that were completely full.

I took heaps of pics on my digital, but will need to explore how one uploads them, as I am a bit unsure how to do it.

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:08 PM

July 13th 2005: Mackay Entertainment Centre, QLD

Jul 14 2005, 01:49 AM

Hey everyone!!!!!!!
Just got back home from the concert here in Mackay tonight.
Well what can I say!!!!!! ..... I'm speechless!!! Gobsmacked!!!
Amazing, wonderful, fantastic, brilliant!!!!!!!

I have photos ssshhhhhh!!!! We weren't allowed to but I thought since everyone else was, I thought "I'm gonna take some photos too"

Anth sang beautifully as he always does and the audience loved him!!!!

I wore my forum tag proudly- Jina I couldn't see you there!!!! I stuck out like a sore thumb with a lanyard hanging around my neck!!! Oh well I'm there to support Anth and promote the forum.

Anth signed stuff after the show which I thought was not allowed due to security reasons but I am soooooo glad that they organised that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So THANKS Wendy!!!

Any questions ask!!!! Theres so much in my head right now so I will be online for a few hours.

Hahahaha Anth you spelt my name wrong muffin!!!! Thats ok! The tickets had your name spelt incorrectly too!!!!!!

Love from
Becs not Beks hahahahaha

It was over 3/4 full. So a very good turn out!!!!!
There were just as many younger fans as well as older like in their 60/70s men and women!!!
Anth was fantastic with the crowd made a few jokes, got us to sing along with him and took cameras from people in the audience and took photos of himself and then gave them back!!
Yes we were allowed to take photos of him when he was signing stuff but not actually to have one taken with him. A bummer for like a split second but oh well I am thankful that I got to see him in concert and had my cds signed- which I never expected in a million years would happen.
He sang Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias, Route 66, Wanna Be The One, Dont Tell Me, The Prayer, Rain, Hurts So Bad, Take It To The Heart, Into Your Heart, Bridge Over Troubled Water.
Keep the questions coming!!! Its great to talk to you all again!!!!!!

Love Becsox

Jul 14 2005, 03:07 AM

Tina was very good actually. I had never heard of her until the 30th of June when I was watching Video Hits(ah what ever it is) in NZ on the sunday morning before we flew out to live here in Mackay, Tina was on with "Wonderful Life" and I thought hmm not bad!!!!!!! The more I see it the more I like it.
To be brutally honest not too many of the people tonight were there to see Tina. I felt quite sorry for her. But sang along and boogied in my seat - I wanted to get up and dance all night.
Next tour I wil have to fly to where there are more forum members so we can have so much more fun!!!!

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:09 PM

Jul 14 2005, 04:15 AM

Becs, Just got home I think you covered most of the songs and i will have to agree that the crowd really was there to see and hear Anthony.I loved the respect that was given to The Prayer,Per Sempre,Don't Tell Me and When I Get There. An almost complete hush came over the theatre for The Prayer and it really was superb. I had a quick look for you but I was trying to entertain my 4 yrd old daughter. You may have seen her She was in the pink jacket and ended up on my shoulders at the end when everyone stood up. The signing after the concert was a nice surprise and Wendy was so nice to us. She said she was watching my little girl and saw her bopping away. I swear that Anthony is even more beautiful close up (if that is possible). I will try to get my photos up tomorrow as well.It may take me awhile though.

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:10 PM

Jul 15 2005, 01:52 PM

Hey everyone!!!!
I dont care what he wears!!! Jina, did you hear the chick scream out "take your shirt off"! I screamed back "No, leave it on", because I have respect for Anth and I dont want him to do anything he doesn't want to do. He has said many times he will not take his shirt off and I dont need or want to see him with his shirt or any of his clothing off.( Dont take it the wrong way- he is GORGEOUS but he is also human and I wouldnt be taking off my clothes for anyone either!!!)

Jina was your little girl a wee bit nervous and tongue tied when she met Anth?????
This little girl looked about four but I cant remember what her name was.
I was standing with my mum (dressed in white and was wearing glasses) and I had a black short sleeve v neck tee and charcoal dress pants and pointy (low) heels, warm medium brown longer than shoulder length hair and glasses. Im about 151/153 cms tall, so Im short.
Jina can you please email me your photos because they are so awesome. I have only 26 pics because I didnt want to have my memory card taken off me if I made it too obvious (hehe) that I was taking pics. I did hear the centre management say that we werent allowed to take pics and videos.

I will try to put my pics up tonight- I got to sleep at 4am on thursday morning and woke up the happiest person in the world 2!!!!!!! hours later!!!!!!!!!!!! and then didnt get to sleep until 9.30 last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The band was fabulous and seeing Chris is a whoot because you see him with Anth at appearances. Hes not as big as I imagined him to be.

A day and a half later I am still the happiest person in the world!!! The smile hasnt left my face!!!!!!

Take care everyone and I will be on again tonight!!!

Becs ox or "Beks" as Anth spells it!!!!!!!

Jul 15 2005, 07:24 PM

I was the very last person to get my things signed- I was waiting patiently and happy to watch everyone else especially the little ones getting their stuff signed and watching their faces was priceless!!!!!

I was standing directly opposite Anth just about the whole time he was signing and there were alot of people there.

When I was getting my cds signed both he and Wendy saw my official forum tag. I was the only person there with a forum tag. He asked me what my name was and because I had been unwell for the 2 days before hand and just being at the concert moments before, my hearing (from the concert) and my throat(from a head cold) became very hoarse from the singing and screaming and so he had to ask me again and I said "Becs".
When he gave me my cds he had the biggest smile on his face!!!!! I think he was stoked to have a forum member proudly wearing the forum tag- ofcourse the lanyard it was hanging from was black and had white "idol" writing on it. I couldnt talk to him because it was sooooo rushed. Not that I was dumbfounded or anything, not at all. I just thought talking to him is like talking to my friends. I didnt want to lean forward to be able to hear him properly because I saw a few people get pushed back, and thought I dont want him to feel uncomfortable.

I never expected to get all of my cds signed either- I gave one to mum to get signed because I saw the sign on the table that there was a limit of 1 autograph per person. So mum got "The Prayer" cd single signed and I got my LE album out and Wendy had her hand out so I gave them to her, she never said to me "only 1 allowed please".

Everyone going to the concerts please wear your forum tags Anth, well I think, got a kick out of it!!!!!!! And so did I- he looked pretty happy from the smile I got!!!!!

Take care

Becs ox ("Beks")

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:10 PM

July 15th 2005: Cairns Brothers Leagues Club, QLD

Jul 16 2005, 06:24 AM

Review from Deejay an Anthony fan from C.U.!

Owwww my feet hurt but my heart�s still thumping.?  Let me tell you my story.....

Anthony was in fine form tonight, a wonderful singing talent and it was an absolutely a dream come true to be so up close and personal to this angel.? ? He delivered passion and perfection in each song as if it were the only one for the evening.? He kept up an amazing pace like the true professional he is.? He appeared as if not to need to breathe as he seamlessly went from verse to verse, song to song, even the audience had no time to catch their breath.?

He'd been jet skiing today in the warm northern sun and his body shimmered with the colour that he obviously took in during the day.? Let me tell you even his eyes and teeth glistened in the lights.? How does he do that?? :stud:? He has the most perfect teeth....sigh

The stage in the club was very small.? I was surprised at the layout as well, no seating and layered levels for standing.? People took their chosen positions quietly and there was an incredible sense of real anticipation.? At the beginning everyone was very conservative and polite. My lovely son Steven went with me. We started off standing back with the more demure crowd and then very early before it started, I thought, blow this, I�m really need to get closer and moved forward on the lowest level close to the stage with all the younger girls (and some guys).? Our positions in the end could not be more perfect....if I took a large step forward and put my arm out I could touch him�.. :omg:

But Anthony�.aahhhh Anthony!....from the moment he stepped onto the stage, the place erupted.....he filled the stage with his brilliant presence.? His shirt was the one on the HSB clip I think, a dark ocean blue colour with shiny stripes....? unbuttoned....No chain, just chest�...smooth stunning chest�:thud:...His jeans were a tight, light grey stone wash, with a shining belt buckle.? He had a beautiful shiny metalic watch and bangle which twinkled in the lights.? His lips�wow pink edible lips.? He had a tiny red mark on his top lip (maybe from a jet skiing accident)

And what a personal performance he gave. All the songs from his album and a few interesting ones.? I won�t say which.? He was relaxed and comfortable and spoke jokingly between his songs, often holding the microphone for ppl to speak and sing into. He walked along the front of the stage holding out his hand for ppl to touch, sometimes being the big tease standing and singing close but not close enough to touch.? (he knows what he's doing to us, let me tell you).? At this time it went through my mind, geez, this has got to be as good as it gets for an up and coming young star to know and feel such adulation.?

I went armed with the g-string tucked in my bag, and two long-stemmed red roses.? *thinking this is not going to work, not sure if I can do this*? ?  Well as the time went on and a very sexy rendition of Hurts so Bad .... �Know what your doing when you walk like that�...all of a sudden I had this rush and thought this has got to be the time to throw the g-string.? I pulled it out of my bag, felt the weight of it, felt confident of the distance it would go and away it went�.. and it fell at his feet? :w00t:

�.but the lights were dimmed at the end of the song and he didn�t see it.? :erm:? But the guitarist swooped down and picked it up and tapped Anth on the shoulder and gave it to him smiling.? Anth stopped, waved it up high and asked who threw this, laughing.? Omg �Everyone around me started to point to me, clapping, my son and another young man pushed me forward�..Anth looked at me and with the smile which could launch a thousand hearts? said �awww, thanks for this�

Rose one..... Up beat 'Walking Away', so cool, getting right into it, the crowd really dancing, singing along with him.? I gave the other rose to Steven and held up the rose swaying it to the music when the young man beside me grabbed my hand with the rose and pulled it towards Anthony.? Anthony came over and took it and winked at me.

Btw this cute young man came up to me later and said hey, I had such a great time because of you, can I get your photo with me. ( I�m old enough to be his mum�.how cool is that)

Rose two� Last song, encore....I�m on a roll here, I thought, all or nothing, so grabbed the second rose off Steven, (weeeel he wasnt doin' anything with it...lol) pushed forward under my own steam this time, and held it up and Anth took it from me, grinned and said something which I couldn�t hear�everyone was clapping and cheering so loud.? I mouthed I�m coming to Melbourne too.
? ?

Oh what a night..... as I said at the beginning "be still my beating heart!!!!! <3

Oh yeah, babydoll, he looked like silk alright!? :wave:

Now, I just had to post that! it was really from the heart - and so sincere, anyone who was there might have seen her.

- Lauren Pratt

Anthony Callea's trademark song The Prayer has been played ad nauseam on radio but it still made a huge impact on the capacity crowd at Brother's League's Club on Friday night.
Tina Cousins opened the show with a surprisingly good live vocal and plenty of seductive moves, keeping the audience entertained. She performed some of the old favourites including Pray,
Mysterious Times, and her new hit Wonderful Life really got the audience in the mood to party.
But it was Callea's entrance that got the girls - and boys - screaming.
His band kicked in before Callea sauntered onto the stage and broke into song. He really is a sexy performer. With shirt half open and modern, spiky hair, every swivel of the hips resulted in screams from the audience.
But it wasn't just the expected teenage crowd of girls who were interested in the double act.
There were plenty of middle-aged women getting flustered over the young "Italian Stallion"...or maybe they were there just for the music.

And the music was good. Callea has a magnificent voice. It is rich, extremely powerful and controlled. He sang a few up-tempo songs that were perfect for dancing then slowed down for a number of ballads. But the jaw-dropping moment was when Callea sang The Prayer.
It is a song worth hearing performed live by Callea. He also threw in a few of his own catchy tunes but it was obvious he loves to sing a good ballad.

Callea and Cousins were not just two people who got on stage to sing then got off. They both
interacted and signed autographs after the show and chatted with members of the
audience who truly appreciated them.

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:12 PM

July 16th 2005: Townsville Jupiters Casino Lawn, QLD

Jul 17 2005, 12:20 PM

YES!!! i went to townsville concert! it was soooo much fun!

my fav part was when anthony was about to start a song, and he was drinking some water, then he splashed some water into the crowd. and of course we all went crazy! lol! but coz i was up the front i got water over my t-shirt and hair. (i still havent washed the shirt!!!!! i dont want to! ) and i opened up my mouth and i got some water in my mouth! oooooo man.... thats the closest ill ever get to kissing him!

and afterwards he was signing stuff and when it was my turn i asked him if he knew ti_amo and he said he did! and he said 'you're on all the time, arnt you?' and i said 'YES, but i havnt been lately coz ive been on holidays' and he widen his eyes and said 'me too' (referring to not being online). i told him that everyone loves him on the forum and i think he just nodded. and then i said, 'everyone loves you out of the forum too!' lol! i hope he didnt get the wrong impression...

anyway, thankyou anthony for that awesome concert and thankyou to everyone who made anthony coming to townsville possible! a big hug from ti_amo

Jul 17 2005, 12:41 PM

and everyone make sure u take lots of money coz the merchandise is awesome! i bought an anthony callea t-shirt (theres a photo of him on the front, with all the places he is touring to on the back). $40 but worth every cent!

tina cousins was great! i got her to sign a cd for me too. and she was really nice! it was funny when the girl in front of me asked tina to sign an anthony cd, and tina said, 'an ANTHONY cd. i dont know...' (but she was just joking) then she said 'yeah ill sign it. ill just scribble over his face! (everyone started laughing) NO just joking! he'll kill me for saying that now.'

oh yeah, and one of the backstage people said to tina, 'we better hurry it up now coz anthony is going to be on soon.' and tina said, 'no thats ok. thats ok.' i thought that was really nice how she was taking her time with her fans.

Jul 17 2005, 05:14 PM

he wore jeans with a black long sleeved shirt (with a v-neck that showed his chest of course! hes wearing them a lot lately!!) and a black jacket over the top. im not 100% sure on the clothes, but im fairly sure!

i thought that there would be heaps more ppl there, but there actually werent that many. i'd say 500 to 1000. our concert was outdoors and he said that this was the first outdoors concert he has done! townsville's lucky number 1!

yes there was signings afterwards, but it was really rushed. but im not complaining...i was really glad to finally get to meet him! i dont know if he will do signings at every concert. perhaps coz the townsville concert didnt have a very big crowd, maybe thats why he did signings?! i dunno! he could be doing signings at every concert?? *fingers crossed*!

and the concert was made up of mostly teenage girls! lol....no surprises there!

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:13 PM

July 17th 2005: Charters Towers World Theatre, QLD

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:14 PM

July 19th 2005: Caloundra Cultural Centre, QLD

larissa gear
Jul 22 2005, 11:01 PM

tongue.gif My mother, myself and my two daughters, aged 7 and 8 were delighted to be going to hear Anthony sing live. We were so pleased when we heard he was going to perform in Caloundra. The concert was all we hoped. We had gallery seats ( there was standing at the front near stage). I thought we would need seats for my mum and young girls. Well, after one song we were down the front, only about 2 metres from Anthony. Around us were people of all ages absolutely having the best time. A lady next to me was singing away and dancing, she was in her 50,s. About half way through the concert a man and lady who looked to be in there 60,s joined the crowd near the stage and were having such a great time. My daughters and another little girl were standing on a sound box (speaker) just to the side of the stage and were amazed when Anthony was singing right there in front of them. Anthony, despite you having a cold your songs sounded fantastic. It is so easy to enjoy your music.. Caloundra had a fantastic concert. Please return.

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