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My Controls And My Profile

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Posted 28 June 2010 - 06:09 AM


What's an avatar and how do I get one?
An avatar is a small image which represents you as a member. A members avatar will be displayed below their username in the posts that the member makes.
You can make an avatar in any image editing program. The maximum size for an avatar is 64x64 pixels.

Once you have created your avatar you need to ensure that it is saved in any of the following formats: .gif .jpeg .jpg .swf .png
You can now upload your avatar to your own personal webspace or simply upload it to the forums directly using the feature provided in 'My Controls'.

Adding your avatar Tutorial
1. Go to Edit Avatar Settings in My Controls.
2. If you wish to link to an avatar, simply insert the URL in to the text box and hit the 'Add this avatar to my profile' button. OR Click the 'Choose file' button and locate the avatar file you have created on your hard drive.
3. Check the avatar size settings and then hit the 'Add this avatar to my profile' button.
4. Your Done!

Forum Avatar Guidelines
* JPG/GIF avatars should be no greater than 50 KB
* Your avatar Image dimensions must not exceed 64x64 pixels

These guidelines are set in place to make your forum experience more enjoyable.

What's a signature and how do I get one?
A signature is a footer to each message that you post. This is automatically added to each post that you make (depending on your settings). A signature can consist of an image or text of your choice.

Adding your signature Tutorial
1. Go to Edit Signature in My Controls.
2. Enter your signature in to the provided text box. You can add an image using the [IMG] tag just like you would do in a post.
3. Click 'Update my signature'

Forum Signature Guidelines
* 2 Images per signature maximum
* Image dimensions must not exceed 500x150 pixels
* If using 2 images, both combined must fall within 500x150 (for example one 400x100 & one 100x50).
* Your signature file size must be no greater than 100 KB (100,000 bytes)
* To find out your image size, right-click on it and click Properties. 1000 bytes = 1KB, so if it reads 55000 bytes, it's roughly 55KB.

These guidelines are set in place to make your forum experience more enjoyable.

Note: Any signatures containing offending / inappropriate material or signatures which do not comply with the guidelines will be removed.

How do I modify my contact details?
Your contact details can be changed in the 'Edit Profile Info' and 'Change Email Address' sections of My Controls.

How can I adjust the time on the forum?
This can be achieved by modifying the Time Zone setting in the 'Board Settings' section of My Controls.

How do I modify my personal photo?
Your personal photo can be modified in the 'Change Personal Photo' section of My Controls.
Here you can either link to a photo of yourself which is already uploaded to webspace elsewhere, or you can simply select a file from your computer and upload it to the forum space.
A recommended size is 120 x 180 pixels. This will fit neatly when other members view your member card.
We recommend that members under the age of 18 do not post personal photos for security reasons. Please be aware that anyone you meet on the internet may not be who they seem.

Can I ignore a specific member?
Yes, you can. If you wish to ignore a user, this will mask all thier posts from your viewing.
This setting can be applied and removed in the 'Manage Ignored Users' section of My Controls.
You can also choose to ignore a member in their profile by clicking the 'Ignore Member' link.

What are subscriptions?
Subscriptions are topics or forums which you have chosen to track and keep informed about. Topics anf Forums can be subscribed to using the Topic Options section found at the bottom of a topic. For more information on subscribing to a topic, see the Topics, Posts and Polls section of the FAQs.

You can manage your subscriptions using the options available in the My Controls section.
To view topic subscriptions click the 'View Topics' link.
To view forum subscriptions click the 'View Forums' link.

From there you can modify your subscription notifications or choose to unsubscribe from a topic or forum.
By choosing a digest notification, this will send you a complete list of the additions to the topic/forum at the end of the day or week depending upon the selection you have made.

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