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ON THE COUCH WITH: Anthony Callea

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 07:45 AM


Access All Areas.net.au: Do you think that without Idol you would have received the success that you have in the past couple of years?
Anthony Callea: Who knows really its just one of those things that I would hope that I will have eventually got to where I am at the moment but Idol was a great platform and it was an opportunity that I think that if its there, why wouldn?t you take it?

Access All Areas.net.au: If you could?ve done anything different throughout Australian Idol, what would it have been?
Anthony Callea: Not wear sunnies on stage and I realized it once I watched it back. What was I thinking?! Well it worked for me anyways; I got there at the end!!

Access All Areas.net.au: Your first album has sold over 160,000 copies and your new album, which was only released in November, has already sold 35,000 copies, what were your first thoughts upon hearing the news of that?
Anthony Callea: It?s great that people are hearing the new album and stuff especially hearing the new single now. It?s getting played well on the radio which I?m really happy about.
For me, I?m seeing this album as my first album rather than my second ? putting this album together I got to spend a good year working on it writing and working with the producers. Everyone knows that the Idol album is thrown together at the last minute, well, in my series it was anyway and to be able to spend so much time on the album and have more of a connection with it, more of an attachment is great. It?s great that people are loving it and acknowledging it. It means a lot to me.

Access All Areas.net.au: You did a lot of co-writing on this album also!
Anthony Callea: Yeah! 14 out of the 15 tracks I co-wrote. We actually recorded 22 tracks for this album. I was a little bit worried at the start because I was thinking ?what are we going to do with these extra tracks?? With the latest single released this week it?s been great because we?ve been able to use one of those tracks that never made it to the album as a bonus track on iTunes for the next week. I wanted to do that because as a music fan growing up I used to love going to buy singles and checking the B-sides because they had tracks that no-one had ever heard before so I wanted to do something like that. But great that we?ve been able to use them!

Access All Areas.net.au: The sound of this album is a lot rockier than the first. Was the direction that you moved into intentional?
Anthony Callea: I wanted to try and do something different, I didn?t know which way it was going to go. I wanted to keep the ballads. I enjoy doing the ballads and I got to work with the Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra to record these songs live so that was a great part of putting this album together but then I thought I want to do something different, rock up to the writing sessions and see what came out of them and with tracks like ?If only? that?s quite heavy and very guitar driven and its quite gritty and when we were doing it I was like ?lets make it heavier? and I was enjoying the whole process and enjoying putting those tracks together so when it comes naturally you?ve just got to stick with it. If you try and do something, it never works.

Access All Areas.net.au: The new single ?Addicted to You? has just been released, tell us a bit about the song.
Anthony Callea: This song was the first song that I actually wrote for the album over a year and a half ago. It was on the first writing session that was specifically put together for this album. I just went in there just wanting to write a fun song full of attitude and really guitar driven so I went in there thinking that and came out with ?Addicted to You.? We actually wrote that in a day and we recorded the demo at the end of the day. We went back to it here and there and tweaked certain parts and then added a bit of a string section in the middle of it so that was the beauty of actually being able to live with these tracks for months and months so you could go back and rework them if they needed it and I think its really important that when you are putting an album together that you are living with these tracks for a while before you put it out there on the shelf.

Access All Areas.net.au: And you?ve made a film clip for it as well?what is it all about?
Anthony Callea: I didn?t actually want a full on story with this video clip I came up with the idea that I wanted to do it on a rooftop and I wanted it to be more of a performance based video clip rather than an actual story. Mainly it?s just me filming a video clip on top of a roof and disrupting the people in the city and have them looking up and working out what?s going on on the rooftop.
We filmed it in one day and it was 38 degrees though on that day so it was the only problem but it was great because I actually felt like a star that day because I had an umbrella lady. So everywhere I went I had this lady following me with an umbrella saying ?you can?t turn pink by the end of the day?

Access All Areas.net.au: You?ve recently recorded a track for the compilation HOME which is selling quite well.
Anthony Callea: Its one of my favourite songs and when they asked me to record a song for the Hope and Journey album I thought it was an ideal song to put on the compilation, it sort of works well and tides in with the whole charity and organization that it?s going to.

Access All Areas.net.au: The CD benefits people living with depression what are your thoughts on the subject?
Anthony Callea: Depression is one of those conditions that I think it gets overlooked sometimes and there?s so many people out there that are suffering from depression and even though it can only be minor it?s still depression and I think if we can raise awareness about it than it?s a good thing.

Access All Areas.net.au: You?ve had many great experiences since your time on Idol, but what has been the highlight for you?
Anthony Callea: Probably three things. 1 ? Winning an ARIA because as a kid I just always wanted to go to the Arias and just be part of the audience so to actually get up there and sing and win an ARIA was an amazing feeling. Then being asked to sing for the Queen and Pavarotti, but getting out and doing your own tour around Australia too and doing 30 odd shows around the country was a great highlight for me as well.

Access All Areas.net.au: Do you have any plans to get back out there and tour again soon?
Anthony Callea: I?m going to be doing some shows with the Military Tattoo in March/April which I think is something different for me to do but I thought it?d be a great opportunity to get out there and do something different and challenge myself. So that?s going around Australia which I?m looking forward to and then I?m going to Rome in May to do some work so then hopefully I?ll come back and do some live shows around Australia!!

Interview by Fiona Stafford

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 07:50 AM


Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony. How are you?
Anthony Callea: I'm good thanks.

Access All Areas.net.au: So you're about to release your second album, entitled 'A New Chapter'. Was there any pressure while recording the, sometimes dreaded, second album?
Anthony Callea: I don?t really see it as dreaded. I think it's quite exciting. I mean, I co-wrote 14 out of 15 songs and it's just very exciting to put them out. I've been working for a year on these. It's just great to get to the end and see the finished product.

Access All Areas.net.au: How did recording this album compare to the first album?
Anthony Callea: It was totally different. With the first album, it was straight out of Idol. All the songs were thrown together and it was recorded during a busy period. We were getting ready for the tour and I had just recorded 'The Prayer'. This time around, I basically had the whole year to take my time. If I wanted two weeks off, then I would do so. I did take two weeks off in the middle of the year and went back to Perth. I felt as if I really wanted to work on this album. It never felt like it was a chore.

Access All Areas.net.au: Have you been watching Idol this year?
Anthony Callea: Yeah I have. It's very exciting this year, except I cannot believe that Bobby left. I?m so surprised at that. Now that Bobby has gone, I want Jess to win. I just love watching someone who appreciates being there. I get that feeling when I watch Jess. I met her last week at some corporate event. Out of all the Idols, she seemed the most professional and appreciative. She just went and talked to anyone and everyone. It's a great quality to have.

Access All Areas.net.au: Speaking of Idol, do you still keep in contact with anyone?
Anthony Callea: Occasionally I do. The people I see the most are probably Ricki-Lee, Dan O?Connor and Casey. I mainly see Dan the most, just because we're both in Melbourne. I also see a lot of Ricki-Lee, just because those girls are everywhere these days (laughs). When I'm up in Sydney, I?ll catch up with Case.

Access All Areas.net.au: What was it like travelling round the world and working with different songwriters for this album?
Anthony Callea: Oh it was just a great opportunity. A lot of these great songwriters don't come to Australia, so we have to go to them. It's very intimidating when you walk into the studio and these writers have plaques upon plaques upon plaques of all their hit songs. You really just have to put it all to the back of your mind. Some days were good and some were bad, but it's the part of the song writing process. I did all of this at the start of the project, so I felt confident when I was finishing off the record.

Access All Areas.net.au: What are you currently listening to?
Anthony Callea: I'm really loving the James Morrison album at the moment. We actually went and saw him last night. He was unbelievable. It's just so raw and cool. That's what I wanted for my album. Something that wasn't over-produced or anything. Something that was just raw and unaffected. We did that for one song. 'Now You're Gone' was something that I wanted raw. The song was produced in London, and we recorded the vocal track here in Melbourne. We did it 2 or 3 times and I decided it wasn't going to get any better than that. You don't want something that's over produced, because then you stop believing in the message.

Access All Areas.net.au: Will you tour to support this album?
Anthony Callea: Hopefully. It should be around early next year. It's different to go out and perform songs that you've actually created. They're my little creations (laughs). It's also a lot easier to enjoy them and perform them.

Access All Areas.net.au: I heard that Pavarotti hand pick you to perform at a function on his last tour. What was that like?
Anthony Callea: (Laughs) It's not everyday you get a call, asking to perform for Pavarotti. I was very nervous. It was just a small function in Perth, and I'm still surprised he asked me. I'm not really a classically trained singer. I was thinking 'Oh he's not going to like it' and things like that. We had a brief chat afterwards and he wished me luck and all that kind of stuff.

Access All Areas.net.au: Finally, you had the Number 1 Single of 2005. How was that?
Anthony Callea: It was the best Christmas present ever (laughs). It was at Number 1 over 4/5 weeks, but just happened to be there at the right time. It was great. It was just good to see, especially because 'The Prayer' isn't your typical pop song. That' why you have to take risks in Idol. Those risks do pay off.

Access All Areas.net.au: Thanks Anthony for you time today.
Anthony Callea: No thank you. Lovely talking to you.

Interview by Simon Finck

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 08:43 AM

Interview #2: July 2005

Access All Areas.net.au: Welcome Anthony Callea to the Access All Areas.net.au chat room. How are you going?
Anthony Callea: I'm great and exciting to be speaking to everyone for the next 30 minutes!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony , you sang "MAMMA" at nonna ange funeral, would you consider putting it on a album or a B-side, its a beautiful song....?
Anthony Callea: Ummm.. Possibly yeah I'd like to record that but at this stage I havn't got any intentions of recording that song... but you never know!

Access All Areas.net.au: How much of what is said on your official forums do you read? Also, of the threads you look at do you usually just skim the start to see what they?re about or do you read deeper?
Anthony Callea: I try and read as much as possible!
Anthony Callea: There are a lot of topics on there but the ones that sound fun and interesting I read... I do read more than I post and I do read what everyone out there is saying!

Access All Areas.net.au: Anthony Callea, I don't really know who you are, so I'd like to know in your words, who you are. Please tell me how you would describe yourself and what you're about.
Anthony Callea: lol... 22, singer, came from Australian Idol, that would be about it! Oh live in Melbourne

Access All Areas.net.au: Anthony what is your most embarrasing moment in your whole life?
Anthony Callea: Would have to be falling off stage when I was a kid at a shopping centre in the middle of a song!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hi Anthony! My question might sound odd but it's been an ongoing debate over at the CU forum. Do you prefer Nutella or Vegemite?
Anthony Callea: I like Vegemite on my toast but I like to eat Nutella straight out of a jar with a teaspoon!

Access All Areas.net.au: When are you going to take your music internationally?
Anthony Callea: Umm at this stage no date being set but mid next year would be great!

Access All Areas.net.au: You recently told Andrew G you would like your second album to go more in the direction of Enrique/Marc Anthony, but you've also said you go for vocally driven songs from a mixed bag of genres (which I love). I realise its very early days, but have you given any thought to the breakdown you'd like?
Anthony Callea: At this stage you know im throwing ideas around.
Anthony Callea: Ive done a little bit of writing but nothing.. I havnt set in any sort of style that I am going to record next.

Access All Areas.net.au: When will you be coming to Adelaide to do some instores?
Anthony Callea: 5th August I'll be there for a concert but I dont think I have any instores coming down there but I will be there for part of my tour.

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anth! What is a song you wish you had been the original artist of?
Anthony Callea: Crocadile Rock! Because everyone knows it lol

Access All Areas.net.au: At your star city showroom concert I saw you dance and you looked great; I especially loved your moonwalk!! Which left me to wonder what your favourite genre of dance is?
Anthony Callea: A combiination between funk and sort of street!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony, I made you the quilt and gave it to you at the casino did you like it ?
Anthony Callea: Yes I still have it... it's in my cupboard and I actually used it the other night when it was very cold!

Access All Areas.net.au: Anthony, I know sometimes when I have a big event ahead I get all scared and nervous, how do u control the nerves?
Anthony Callea: Take a few deep breaths and just enjoy the moment and don't let it overwhelm you.

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony! I was wondering...how did your 'lucky shoes' become your 'lucky shoes'?
Anthony Callea: By wearing them on the first monday on the eviction show, I didnt get evicted off so if I kept wearing those shoes it would keep me from being evicted and it kinda worked and I still keep them, I havn't chucked them out.

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anth!!! Omg lol this isn?t really a question tho?, I?m like speechless that your here!! I just wanna tell u that u mean sooo much to me! You have and AMAZING voice!! You make me smile all the time .. lol I love you! I can?t wait till bankstown next thurs!! I went to your syd concert, you were so beautiful!! I was crying! I met you at warringah best day of my life! I love you so much!
Anthony Callea: Thankyou and I look forward to meeting you at Bankstown!
Anthony Callea: Can't wait to get there!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anth! I would like to ask you how much input do you get into your video clip production, like the story line of it, clothes you wear and the cast?
Anthony Callea: I do have a lot of input, we sit down, discuss it and then we come up with an idea that I am happy with.

Access All Areas.net.au:Hiya, Anthy! I was wondering: What do you think about already having fans in the US, Canada, Germany, etc when you haven't released anything outside of Australia yet?
Anthony Callea: It's great to have those fans in those countries. I often see them on my official forum messaging away and I am really stoked!
Anthony Callea: There is interest overseas and I am glad that Ive got those fans!

Access All Areas.net.au: If you hadn't achieved your well deserved success what would you have done with your life?
Anthony Callea: I'd probably still be teaching and then later in life I would've opened my own cafe/bar restaurant if I wasn't singing...
Anthony Callea: ... which I still hope to do in the future!

Access All Areas.net.au: Anthony, do you have any plans to come to perth and perform your concert for your loyal fans here, because we would all love you to?!?
Anthony Callea: I would love to come over to Perth and perform over there but at this stage I cant do it but I hope to get over there soon! And I am really really sorry!

Access All Areas.net.au: What song are u going to release after 'hurt so bad'?
Anthony Callea: I havn't actually chosen which single we're releasing after Hurt So Bad yet so if you have got any ideas feel free to message me on the forum!

Access All Areas.net.au: Do people you knew before your success treat you any differently now that you have become a Star?
Anthony Callea: No most people still treat me the same so no not really.

Access All Areas.net.au: You Sang 'The prayer', will you do any more kinds like those?
Anthony Callea: Yeah! Songs like 'The Prayer' I love to sing and I'll always have those songs that I'll sing. I dont like to stick to one genre anyway... I like to mix it up!

Access All Areas.net.au: Anthony when will your next album be coming out?
Anthony Callea: Hopefully early to mid next year its something that is a bit early to determine but yeah early to mid next year!

Access All Areas.net.au: I would like to congratulate you Anthony on finally making it - and it gives me great pleasure to see you become a success. I have been a fan since your days with Body and Soul. All the best to You. God bless.
Anthony Callea: Thankyou very much!

Access All Areas.net.au: What was the best gift you have recieved from a fan?
Anthony Callea: I cant really choose what best present I've recieved from a fan but all their thoughts are appreciated...
Anthony Callea:I love getting presents from fans, its a great little buzz when they give me a present!

Access All Areas.net.au: Your book was a great read, and the dog DUCHESS do you still have it?
Anthony Callea: lol. No that was many years ago and unfortunately that dog passed away.

Access All Areas.net.au: Are you planing to make a duet with Tina Arena? you and her would be so good in a song?
Anthony Callea: I'm a big fan of Tina!
Anthony Callea: Hopefully one day I'll be able to do a duet with her but she is overseas at the moment and she is pregnant. I think she has to have her baby first lol!

Access All Areas.net.au: Are you a soccer fan & Who you go for??????
Anthony Callea: No not really a soccer fan, more of an AFL fan and I go for the Essendon Bombers!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony!! I saw you at the Good Friday Appeal and you were great! That group Boyz performed before you? is it true you hosted a show M-Zone on channel 31 and they performed with you?? You Rock!
Anthony Callea: No they didnt perform with me and I did host a show on Channel 31 called the M-Zone!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony, are there any people who really inspire you - either with your music or in other areas of your life?
Anthony Callea: Growing up I was a very big fan of John Farnham and went to every one of his concerts so I think he has been very big influence on my singing and what I really wanted to do!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony, what message do you have for your fans?
Anthony Callea: Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! so much for your support
Anthony Callea: You're amazing and you stick by me all the time...
Anthony Callea: I couldn't have asked for better fans and I hope you all love the new single and video clip!

Access All Areas.net.au: Besides the music you produce what other types of music do u listen too?
Anthony Callea: I'm really into the new Mario album and the Mariah album and the new Backstreet Boys album and the Jemeriqui album!

Access All Areas.net.au: How would you describe the way you felt finally performing in front of your own crowd during your recent Melbourne, Sydney performances?
Anthony Callea: Its an amazing feeling performing anywhere but to be in front of your home crowd its that extra special! It's a great feeling knowing your performing in your home town and performing in front of your friends and family!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony, what is the most important thing you've ever learnt?
Anthony Callea: To believe in yourself and stay true to yourself.

Access All Areas.net.au: Are you taking any time off after the tour? Or will it be straight into getting ready for the second album?
Anthony Callea: I will be taking some time off to do some cowriting and collaborating with some other writers!

Access All Areas.net.au:
Hey Anthony! Are you and Casey (Donavon) still friends & do you still keep in touch? you seemed really close friends in the last 2 weeks of idol before the grand final. You seem like a really nice person btw!
Anthony Callea: Yes we do keep in contact and we are great friends and I also keep in contact with Ricki-Lee so they are the main two!

Access All Areas.net.au: Who/what is most important in your life? Of course after your family?
Anthony Callea: My close friends!

Access All Areas.net.au: Hey Anthony, do you have any plans on going overseas, and if so when?
I hope to go mid next year to release something, off to go to Europe and the UK.

[B]Access All Areas.net.au:
How are your family coping with you being away? I know my mum especially would find it hard.
Anthony Callea: At times it is hard to be away so much from family and friends but when you are around them you make the most of it and they have to understand that I am busy doing what I am doing and they are happy that I am happy!

Access All Areas.net.au: Anthony: If you ever did a duet, who would it be with?
Anthony Callea: Tina Arena or John Farnham

Access All Areas.net.au: If you release a song overseas, will the first one be 'The Prayer'?
Anthony Callea: I don't know. I would like it to be but I dont know at this stage.

Access All Areas.net.au: How is does it feel to see the smiles you put on disabled and ill kids?
Anthony Callea: When you are in a position like what I am in its great to go and visit the kids and stuff. I went to visit the children's hospital last weekend and its great to be able to put a smile on someone's face and makes you realise how lucky we are!

Access All Areas.net.au: Do you find this method of communicating (online chat) with fans a bit confusing with questings being thrown at you from all angles?
Anthony Callea: No not really... its a lot of fun and people get to ask specific questions and get specific answers!

Access All Areas.net.au:Hey Anthony, What does is feel like to be only 22 and already having two #1 singles and a #1 album?
Anthony Callea: It's a great feeling and its something that Ive dreamed of growing up and its so great to finally achieve those goals and its a lot of fun... Im having a lot of fun at the same time!

Access All Areas.net.au: We thank you Anthony for joining us all this afternoon.....you have a great number of fans here and we all wish you a very bright future smile.gif
Anthony Callea: Thanks so much

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 08:44 AM


Live For Love is the powerful new single from one of Australia's most popular young singers, Anthony Callea.

Live For Love is a beautiful, emotional ballad about hope in troubled times. It features another spine-tingling performance from Anthony, exploring the full range of the 24-year-old's extraordinary voice.

Live For Love marks the beginning of a new phase in Anthony's already record-breaking career, which has so far produced a chart-topping, self-titled debut album, as well as two huge, multi-platinum number one hits: Rain/Bridge Over Troubled Water and, of course, The Prayer, which holds the records as the highest-selling and fastest-selling Australian single of all time.

For Anthony, Live For Love is the first page of a new chapter, in more ways than one. A New Chapter is the name of Anthony?s highly-anticipated new album, which will be released on November 25.

Anthony says he picked Live For Love as the album?s first single because he fell in love with the song from the first time he heard it. Live For Love was co-penned by Melbourne songwriters Gary Pinto and Paul Checchinelli.

"I loved it straight away and I said, 'I have to do something with this song'," says Anthony. "I just knew I had to sing it. It's got a great meaning behind it.

"It's really a song about hope. With the world in its current state, sometimes it's not the greatest place to be in. And the words sort of describe that when it says: 'We see the world falling down around us.' It shows how humanity has forgotten to live for love, but this should be our main focus in life. If we concentrate on living for love, it will just be a much better place, really."

The video for Live For Love was directly by James Hackett and features stock footage provided by Amnesty International and Save the Children.

So why release the powerful and emotional Live For Love as the first single from A New Chapter?

"I wanted to go with this song first because, especially around this time of year with Christmas coming up, it's about family and friends," Anthony explains. "I thought it would be great to come out with a ballad which isn't your typical love song. I wanted to have something that reflects what this time of the year should be about."

Anthony has spent most of the past year working on A New Chapter, including an overseas trip to co-write with some of the world?s most successful songwriters. Live For Love is the only song on A New Chapter not co-written by Anthony.

"I didn't want to rush this new album at all," says Anthony. "I wanted to make sure it was more about me. I've actually had time to take in what has happened in the past couple of years, to embrace it and just accept it, and now move forward.

"You just need a little bit of time to process all that. I think with everything that has gone on, I've become more mature, not just in myself, but musically. I've had the time to relax and the time to write and record and enjoy the process."

Anthony promises that A New Chapter will reveal new aspects to his already trademark singing style, showing off a more fun, rockier, edgier side to his voice. "Not so serious," Anthony laughs. "I want to get out there and have some fun with it as well."

With the single set for release on Saturday November 4th, fans will be able to delight in the radio edit of Live for Love, produced by renowned Melbourne music producer Chong Lim (currently Musical Director on Dancing with the Stars), as well as the 'Urban' and 'Suburban' remixes, produced by Brian Cannan (ex Pseudo Echo frontman) and engineerd by Julian Mendelsohn (Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Robert Palmer, Peter Gabriel, Seal, ABC, Simple Minds).

The brand new single, Live For Love is released November 4, followed by Anthony Callea?s sophomore album, A New Chapter in stores November 25, 2006 through Sony BMG Music Entertainment.


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