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*** Wicked *** Anthony to Play Boq

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 08:26 AM

post Oct 15 2009, 11:43 AM

^^ It was a very nice gesture indeed Carol.

Everyone, just letting you know that we have permission to post the MP3 of Anthony's performance of The Impossible Dream smile.gif Thanks guys smile.gif

Please thank Jo for the link and Jo please thank your friend for allowing you to share the link smile.gif
I'm sure that Anthony sounds amazing!
Enjoy smile.gif


My apologies Jo for removing the link from your post, but am happy that we can now have the link to download. Thank you again.

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 08:27 AM

post Oct 15 2009, 06:09 PM

Back in the Deep North from the Deep South after 2 nights of superb entertainment. I LOVE MELBOURNE where the weather was so BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR but we were there for the music, not the weather.

?The Impossible Dream? ..... I thought it was my impossible dream because I?ve been wishing (and hoping) for so long that Anthony would sing this awesome song and my wish was finally granted. Thank UUUUUUUUUUUUU so much, Anthony!! He varied it in parts, as he likes to do, and his voice was DIVINE!!! OF COURSE!!! It filled Her Majesty?s Theatre like no other. When Anthony finished singing, my exact words to my LSS were ?How is anyone going to follow that performance!!? Am I allowed to say that for me, it was THE performance of the night? Well, I?m saying it whether I?m allowed to or not, and it was so worth the trip to Melbourne for this wonderful night of nights.

The 6 finalists were all talented and Danielle must be thrilled to have won such a fantastic scholarship.

The lyrics to the songs Daniel Belle sang were very moving and poignant. It was as tho? he was singing a story to us.

Bert was very humorous ..... he is such a character and a marvellous MC ..... and Marina Prior was her beautiful self.

I loved the music of the string quartet, and Lucy and the ?Wicked? group. In fact, all the performances were top notch.

Kellie looked lovely and she spoke very well. The final song, the Tina Cross and audio of Rob Guest duet of ?Beauty and The Beast? was very special.

It was a kind and generous gesture of ANZ to give everyone there a bag of ?goodies? including a programme, and icecreams were handed out at interval as well. It's wonderful that the ANZ Bank is very supportive of musical talent.

I hope the evening was a huge success for the Rob Guest Endowment Scholarship Fund and may there be many more concerts as warmly received and enjoyed in the years to come.

On Tuesday night, we attended ?Jersey Boys? ..... I?ll post about it on the Jersey Boys thread.

It was too chilly to do much during the day but yesterday we saw the movie ?The Young Victoria? which was great.

With me on this trip was my trusty ?Wicked? brolly and I was pleased that on the few occasions we were out and about when it was showering, it was able to ?strut its stuff? in the birthplace of ?Wicked? Australia.

All in all, our brief time in Melbourne was a treasure trove of beautiful music, and thank UUUUUUUUUUUUU again, Anthony for singing your magnificanth version of the wondrous song that is ?The Impossible Dream? .....

And thank you so much, Jo for recording Anthony?s performance ..... it is PURRRRFECTO!!! I would love Anthony to include this song on an album ? a Songs From The Movies album would be vocal heaven.


Thanks so much, Carol Poppy and Sue for your great reviews. It?s lovely to be able to reminisce about an evening of such splendid entertainment.

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 08:29 AM

post Oct 15 2009, 08:39 PM

*Note- audio only

All done, you can find it here:

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 08:32 AM

post Oct 20 2009, 09:57 AM

'diissee' post='1455290' date='Oct 18 2009, 06:43 PM']

Thanks Poppy, here is the link.


Here is the one of Anthony

user posted image

Thank you Poppy and Di smile.gif Lovely photo... awesome performance!!!

There are two more photos posted on the ANZ Trustees Foundation Facebook: ANZ Rob Guest Endowment's Photos - Rob Guest Endowment concert 2009..... 4th & 5th photo page 1.

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 09:54 AM

post Dec 4 2008, 06:03 PM

Anthony Callea Leaves Wicked

The Australian presentation of Wicked has definately has its trails and tribulations over the past year with Rob Guest passing away and Bert Newton taking his place, but being the only cast member to have a limited 6 month contract (all other are rumoured to have 12), Chart Topper and POPrepublic.tv IT List Award winner, Anthony Callea is calling it a day as the cheeky munchkin, Boq.

Wicked will stay in Melbourne for all of 2009 and is making no plans to come to Sydney, producer John Frost has confirmed - and from the sounds of things, the musical is settling in for a very long season with the phrase "years" being thrown about.

Despite rumours the show was planning a run at the Capitol Theatre from late next year, Frost says no plans have been made for a Sydney season and there is a major focus on keeping the show in Melbourne for as long as possible.

Wicked in Australia has received strong reviews and plenty of interstate interest, and with newcomner, Stuart fisher taking over the role of Boq, the WAPPA graduate will be a shot in the arm for fellow cast members and will breathe new energy into the production.

"I?m also excited about Stuart Fisher joining us as Boq. That said we would like to see Anthony come back and join the show again at some point in the next few years ? he?d certainly be welcome." Frost said.

The American creative team arrive back in Melbourne next week to tighten up the show and ensure all is running smoothly.

No news as of yet if Anthony plans to return to the recording studio or what other projects are in the pipeline, but our PRTV gremlins are hard at work finding out for you - so stay tuned.


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Posted 16 July 2010 - 07:53 AM

A Selection of Anthony interview transcripts, thoughts and posts about his involvement in Wicked.

The Cast of Wicked Interview on Mornings with Kerri-Ann - 25-6- 2008

Kerri-Ann: "now live audiences, you're very familiar with and you can sing like a dream, how are you feeling about this?"

Anthony: "I'm pretty excited about it and I want to be one of those performers that can say I've done a bit of everything and have tried a bit of everything and I'm having a ball at the moment. Getting to work with veterans like Rob and Maggie, sorry, I say that in the best possible way because you can learn so much from Rob and Maggie Kirkpatrick. It's just great to be working as a team going for the same goal. It's a lot of fun"

Audience with the Cast of Wicked ? Foxtel 5-7-2008
Rob Guest talking with Rob Mills (Fieyro) and Anthony (Boq)

Rob Guest: ?And how do you feel about playing a munchkin??

Anthony: ?Do you have something against munchkins??

Rob G: ?I have nothing, no no.?

Anthony: ? I think you?re a munchkinist.?

Rob G: ? See folks, we?ve sort of been together for the last, I don?t know how long, but we?ve sort of become very good friends. We have these running gags which are happening all the time.?

Anthony: ?No, I think it?s going to be quite exciting to play, like this is kinda my first big musical role and the character?s quite a loveable, endearing character and it goes through so many emotional ... it goes through an amazing emotional roller coaster, which I?m sure each and every one of us can sort of relate to. So, I think it?s one of those characters that people are going to go, oh, I feel for him.?

Rob G: ?I do.?

Anthony: ?And he?s a nice character, like me.?

Rob G: ?He?s a lovely character.?

Gold 104 Witching Hour with Craig Huggins - July 23rd, 2008

Craig: "We have a very special guest today. he is one of the best blokes you could possibly meet. he's a good Melbourne lad as well, Anthony Callea."

Craig: "Now you've had lots of fun across a very short career. Of course, we remember you fondly from Australian Idol, but gee, you've done a lot since then, but this is really your first foray into major theatre - are you enjoying it Anthony?"

Anthony: "It is, it's 8 shows a week. It's full on but at the same time, it's really enjoyable and we get to do what we love, which is perform, so you couldn't ask for anything more really."

Anthony: "Oh definitely. It's a different world but it's still entertaining. I've always wanted to be one of those entertainers that sort of has a go at everything and tries to do everything. You know in ten years time I want to look back and go, you know, I've done this and I've done that. I'm really excited to be part of this production. It's a beautiful production. It's a beautifully told story and I'm having a lot of fun. Even though it's challenging, it's such a great thing to do."

JoyFM interview with Paul Anthony and David Hunt 'What's On' - 14-11-2008

Paul: ?You?re performing tonight.?

Anthony: ?I am, 8.00 tonight at the Regent Theatre, I?ll be there.?

Paul: ?Tell us, what an amazing show to be a part of, you know, it?s huge.?

Anthony: ?yeah, I think it?s probably one of the biggest musicals that?s ever come to Australia and it?s great to be a part of.. you know for anyone that?s seen it, you?d walk away and think you?d have witnessed the most magical experience in terms of light, costume and you know the great story between the two witches. Amanda and Lucy just do an amazing job.?
They?re great and it?s great to be a part of and when I got asked to do it, to tell you the truth, I didn?t really know much about Wicked.?

Paul: ? None of us did in Australia.?

Anthony: ? No, so I read the script and I listened to the album and sound track and that?s what actually drew me to it ? it?s such a great sound track and Stephen Swartz did an amazing job of putting the music together and it complements the story line so well. Yeah, so gave it a go and auditioned and umm, here I am (laughs) playing, playing a little munchkin who turns into a tin man, (laughs).?

Paul: ?Tell us about the whole audition process, like because you?re just, no not just, you?re a singer on stage performing with a band. It must be vastly different getting up there in a big production like this??

Anthony: ? Yeah, definitely, from the beginning the audition process is so intimidating. You walk into this room and there?s like about 6-8 people sitting on a panel and you have to prove yourself and I think by the end of it, I went through 5 auditions.?

Paul: ?Wow. Most of them would have been international people??

Anthony: ? Yes, well, 3 of them were and two were just with the aussie crew. Yeah, everything has to be signed off by the Americans. They filmed and still didn?t know, and sent that over and then after about a month and half to two months, they told me I had the role. Yeah, it was so funny. I went in there and I did the acting part and the singing part and it was all good, well the singing more so than the acting and NO ONE told me I had to dance.

First day of rehearsals I rocked up and the stage manager said you go in that room over there, go in there and you?ll start some chore .. and I went, Ok, some spacing, that?s what I?m thinking, go to 2 go to 4 but umm, we went in and the two choreographers are doing turns and jumps and everything, and they were moving so quickly. I started freaking ?cos I never did a dance audition ? so I had a MOMENT ? I don?t know what I?ve got myself into, like, what have I done.?

So, I waited about 20 minutes into the choreography lesson and I went up to the choreographer and went, I don?t know if you know, but I?m no dancer, so if I look like an idiot at the back of the room, please excuse me. She goes, you?ll pick it up and I went, Ok, hopefully, I?ll pick it up. Luckily, you know, they sort put me at the back in the dancing routines.?.

Tak of the Regent Theatre and backstage follows... then,

Paul: "How hard is it to do? Because you're doing like is it eight shows a week?"

Anthony: "Ah huh ..Eight shows over five days."

Paul: "Eight shows over five days!"

Anthony: "Yeah we do two on Wednesday two on Saturday and two on Sunday."

Paul: "So is that hard to do or is it just...?"

Anthony: "Yeah, absolutely, like by Sunday night everyone wants to kill each other - in a good way though, but yeah it takes a good day and a half to sort of get over that long week, especially the weekend."

Paul: "Because it's hard to keep yourself motivated, isn't it - that's the thing and you know like that top performance cause you don't you know like you think 'oh here's another 2000 people watching the matinee this afternoon', but you don't know who's sitting in that audience. You don't know - you know like there could be somebody that is planning to do something major with you in the future or..."

Anthony: "Oh, but not only that, you should never walk out on stage just thinking of the one or two people that you know that are in the crowd. Like, you know that 2,100 people that are sitting in front of you, most of them are seeing it for the first time and they want to be entertained and they want to be blown away and so you have to walk out there and be the total professional that you have to be and give them their $160 worth. Because you know, it is a lot of money for these people to spend, so you have to give them a good show and you can never be...you know you can never really slack off. Obviously everyone's going to go through those days when they're feeling a little bit shitty one day or...oh did I just say the 's' word, sorry.

You know everyone has their off-days, but once you walk out onto that stage you have to put on that show. And the thing is, with a production like this everyone works as a team and that's the beautiful thing about it...like everyone's working as a team, putting on the show together and entertaining. Everyone works together and you know obviously you have those nights when one person's a little bit less there than the others, so you know you help each other out. There's a jelly bean machine in my room, so when everyone's feeling a little bit down, anyone comes in and gets the jelly beans."

Of fellow cast

"Hey Gang

At Last, tonight we finally made it after all these weeks of rehearsals. It was so so good to be able to perform it to an audience and they went off, yay!
I cant wait for many of you to see it and I look forward to reading all your reviews ( be nice ), I really hope you all love it as much as we love telling this magical story.
The cast is absolutely amazing especially the 2 leading ladies Amanda Harrison and Lucy Durack who are just superb. Penny McNamee who plays Nessa is also amazing and just a beautiful person.
Thanks for all your well wishes for the show along with your support, you guys really are amazing.
Let there be many Wicked times ahead.

Chat Soon.

Anth xo "

Of his excitement to be a part of Wicked

"Also, most of you have heard I am in the multi-award winning production of 'WICKED'! It's the story of what happened before the 'Wizard of Oz' and I am really excited about this and hope that you guys are too. This is such a HUGE musical production and I really hope you all get to experience this show as you will remember it for a very long time. The actual soundtrack is superb and visually you are going to be blown out of your seats. I am playing the role of Boq who is initially the Munchkin then turns into the Tin Man. See, who said being vertiacally challenged worked against you!!! "

"Hey there.....

Hope you are all doing really well! I know it's been a while but I swear I have been really busy with 6 day weeks of rehearsals for Wicked, it's been pretty full on so far and a bit of a challenge (with many days ending with a fried brain) but I must say it's been fun. We all can't wait to get into the theatre now to start rehearsing on Tuesday, that's when 3 weeks of Tech begins, it's going to be so exciting as we will now see everything come to life. I am yet to see the set but am told by a few of the 'Monkeys' that went down to the theatre today, that it is out of this world!

Looking forward the recording of the Wicked Special being filmed on Sunday in Sydney and I have heard that a few forum members will be their in the audience so make sure I can hear you so I know where you are.

See you all soon.

Take Care

Anth xo"

Of his respect and appreciation of his fans

"Hey ACOFers

I have heard there have been so many of you at the shows and it has been great to see and meet some of you.

I really hope you are all loving the show and a HUGE thanks to all you lovely people who have travelled interstate and even OS to see the show, without your support we wouldn't be able to get out on that stage 8 times a week and do what we love, so thanks again!
I have also been overwhelmed with all your gifts and cards sent to stage door full of well wishes and support, you go to so much trouble and is much appreciated.
In case you haven't heard, there is now a lottery system at the Regent for Wicked where you can pick up tickets for $30 buckaroonies, Bargain!!! I really don't know how it works exactly but I am sure you will be able to find out some info either on the Wicked website or at the Regent.
The shows are going well and we are all having a ball (not the ozdust ball! ! so I hope many more of you get to share this magical experience with us.

Take Care

Anth xo

Ps: Happy Birthday Amanda Harrison!"

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